Gay Social App Hornet Picks Up New CEO and Sister App Vespa

Gay Social App Hornet Picks Up New CEO and Sister App Vespa

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Christof Wittig, Hornet CEO

The world’s second largest gay app is about to become even bigger. Hornet announced this week that it has acquired the gay travel app Vespa along with a brand new CEO, investor and entrepreneur Christof Wittig.

This isn’t Wittig’s first time with Hornet — he co-founded the company in 2011 with former CEO Sean Howell. Howell is now the Chairman and President of Hornet.

Wittig was the founder and CEO of Vespa, the leading gay city guide and app with over 5,000 worldwide locations and the most comprehensive travel guide for the LGBTQ community. Each entry gets curated to make sure its data is accurate and up-to-date.

Aside from leading Hornet, Wittig is also on the board of successful sites and apps like MoviepilotKeepSafe, AppAnnie, Boxfish, Metago and Virta Health.

Hornet has just unveiled new features of its own — Discover and the Activity Feed, both designed to increase the community aspect of the app, and help users find men they’ll click with. Hornet has also led the way on HIV testing with their Blue Ribbon Boys, encouraging users to get tested every three months and disclose their HIV status.

Hornet is currently the second largest gay social network worldwide with 15 million users, and is the number one app of its kind in France, Russia and Brazil to name but a few. The acquisition of Vespa should help them expand their already sizable footprint in the United States.

When asked about his new role as CEO of Hornet, Wittig said, “Investors have started to look favorably at vertical social networks and especially the gay marketplace. The increased acceptance of LGBT lifestyle and a better understanding for the purchasing power of the Pink Dollar have shone the spotlight on services like Hornet’s which has one of the highest engagement rates in the industry. An app with over 25 Million messages a day is not often heard of.”

The combination of Hornet and Vespa was meant to be — after all, Vespa is the genus hornets belong to.

Full Disclosure: Hornet owns Unicorn Booty.

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