Horrifying Video of Trans Woman Being Murdered Outrages Brazil

Horrifying Video of Trans Woman Being Murdered Outrages Brazil

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A cell phone video showing the savage beating of a trans woman just before her murder has horrified Brazil and brought the country’s problem with anti-LGBTQ violence to the forefront.

The disturbing video shows a group of men kicking a transwoman, beating her with sticks and forcing her into a wheelbarrow. The video doesn’t show it, but she was later shot and bludgeoned.

The victim is Dandara dos Santos. The murder took place on February 15 in Fortaleza, but the incident has gotten renewed attention since the video has gone viral on the internet.

The New York Times reports that Brazilian police have arrested three teenagers and two men involved with the torture and killing. They’re still looking for more.

The victim’s mother, Francisca Ferreira, said on Brazilian TV, “I was very desperate, crying and asking God what had happened. What did these boys do, my God?”

David Miranda, a Brazilian LGBTQ activist spoke passionately about the crime and demanded action from legislators:

Brazil has a severe problem with queerphobic hate crimes. In the nation, one LGBTQ person is murdered every 25 hours.

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