This Porn Performer Just Had Sex With a Donald Trump Mask, and We Aren’t Sure How We Feel About It

This Porn Performer Just Had Sex With a Donald Trump Mask, and We Aren’t Sure How We Feel About It

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Formerly known as Sean Cody’s Jared, Hoss Kado is returning to gay porn. His latest film hasn’t even been released yet, but already he’s making a splash onto the scene. The ripped twink decided to take a warm bath with Donald Trump. Well, not the actual POTUS but a mask of his face. Luckily for us, he filmed the sexual encounter for our viewing pleasure.

In the clip, Hoss slides his penis through the mouth of a Donald Trump mask while taunting the disgraceful clown currently running our country into the ground. Our favorite part might be his take on Trump’s “fake news” idiocy, as Kado exclaims, “Fake dick? Fake dick? No Donald, it’s real!”

Hoss says that the full-length video, in which he cums on Trump’s face, will be released soon. So for now, you’re just going to have to get your kicks off with this teaser found here.

Hoss Kado

This isn’t the first time we have seen politically charged gay porn content involving Trump. Earlier this year, we reported on a scene produced by FraternityX, where a group of Trump-supporting douchebags in MAGA hats gangbang a bisexual bottom after he reveals he doesn’t like the POTUS.

The scene is cringeworthy at best. While the work of FraternityX usually edges on the border of sadistic, misogynistic and homophobic — with douchey fratboys banging and insulting bottoms for being ‘bitches’ — this tops anything they’ve ever done before. (And this topping is the kind we’re not a fan of.)

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Trump has inspired a whole new wave of cringeworthy gay porn this past year. It’s nice to see Hoss Kado taking that inspiration to a whole new level.

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