These 5 Images of Hot Gay Pilgrims Will Make You Thankful AF

These 5 Images of Hot Gay Pilgrims Will Make You Thankful AF

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This Thursday’s Thanksgiving in the United States. It’s one of our very favorite holidays. After all, what other holiday is there devoted to eating as much food as you can possibly fit down your gullet? Sure, there’s the whole “being thankful for your many blessings” thing too. But let’s be serious — they don’t call it Turkey Day for nothing. But in Trump’s America, if you’re having trouble finding things to be thankful for, we understand. Maybe these hot gay pilgrims will suffice? (We’re certainly thankful for them!)

Now, we should mention, these aren’t real pilgrims. There were actually real gay pilgrims, but they didn’t fare so well in Puritan times. John Alexander and Thomas Roberts were caught in a gay relationship back in 1637. They were charged with “lude behavior and unclean carriage one with another, by often spending their seed one upon another, which was proved both by witness and their own confession; the said Alexander found to have been formerly notoriously guilty that way, and seeking to allure others thereunto.”

While they both could have been executed, thankfully they weren’t. Unfortunately, they didn’t get off easy, either. Alexander was severely whipped, branded with a hot iron and banished. Roberts was whipped, but not branded or banished. He was forbidden from owning land, though.

But that’s a big downer for a holiday. So, instead, let’s focus on these sexy guys who are more likely to be your Puritan pals.

Here are five of our favorite hot gay pilgrims:

While we’re not sure wild turkeys really look like that, we’re totally here for Goody Puppy.

Another Goody Puppy, but just check out that turkey — good eats for WEEKS on that bird!

We love this all-white version of traditional pilgrim garb!

While they didn’t have french fry-shaped cameras at Plymouth Rock, sometimes you can’t go wrong with classic looks.

Happy Dragsgiving!

And, finally — a reminder from J.C. Leyendecker, a gay artist famous for his numerous Saturday Evening Post covers and iconic advertising paintings, that hot gay pilgrims aren’t just a modern phenomenon:

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