Shirtless Dudes Jumping Into Popcorn, Plus Other Hot Guys and Food

Shirtless Dudes Jumping Into Popcorn, Plus Other Hot Guys and Food

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If you like hot guys and food, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a brief collection of your two favorite things working together in messy, delicious harmony.

Dudes and Popcorn

Do you like popcorn? Do you like shirtless dudes? Fortunately for you, the dudes at the Dudesons Vlog have combined the two in a recent video.

In the video, the dudes take turns jumping into an above-ground swimming pool full of popcorn. Why? How? Where did they get so much popcorn? Did they just microwave it all? Did they use the leftovers from a multiplex? What is happening?

But in the end, it’s not important. What is important is shirtless dudes in popcorn. Enjoy.

Gus Kenworthy Plays with His Wiener

In this extraordinary video, openly gay Olympian freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy gets really, really interested in a hot dog. You will definitely have some feelings watching him tenderly kiss and deep-throat that long, thick piece of meat.

Hot Guys and Pancakes

Hot guys and pancakes are pretty much the two greatest things in the entire universe. Now watch as the former makes the latter.

First, we have Instagram hunk Garrett Westton making you breakfast in bed:

Here’s a cutie in jeans adding a mimosa to the mix, while softcore porn music plays in the background:

And here’s hockey pro Gabriel Landeskog, captain of the Colorado Avalanche. Let him bury you in an avalanche of carbs:

Burrito Fever

If you’d prefer something more savory, check out Charlie Q, a.k.a. @burritofever on Instagram.

The man loves burritos more than you thought possible:

He’s really fond of them:

Various Kinds of Junk Food

In this retro ‘80s-style ad for a Soho London gay bar called Room Service, a bunch of hot guys eat junk food while working out (presumably to burn off all that junk food). Watch some fit hunks chow down on hot dogs, soda, fries, ice cream and, for some reason, a pink banana.

Sticky Sweetness

Photographer Blake Little poured over two tons of honey on his models. The idea of people covered in sugary, viscous bee barf might not sound appealing, but it’s strangely beautiful.

Boy Butter

In this ad that Comcast banned for being too sexy, a ginger hunk works his thick pole into a buttery hole.

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