hot guys pet adoption
hot guys pet adoption

Hot Guys Want You to Adopt a Dog or Cat Today (Photos)

Saturday, August 15, 2015 several animal rescue organizations around the U.S. are looking to Clear the Shelters by cutting the cost of pet adoption for one day and helping give thousands of pets a permanent home. And you know who else is helping cute and fuzzy furballs find a home? A bunch of hot men, that’s who.

New trend alert: #TailsofRescueMen! The people at RescueMen and Pillows for Paws — two organizations that help out animal shelters — have developed a genius campaign to help raise awareness for pet adoption: a calendar pairing handsome men with cute animals. They hope the adorable pairs will encourage folks to adopt more pets from local shelters.

Although the idea might seem silly, it’s for a worthwhile cause. Each year about 31 percent of dogs in shelters get euthanized; for cats, it’s 41 percent. The goal of the calendar is to promote “Adopt, Never Shop!” That is, adopted rescue animals aren’t inferior to animals purchased in pet stores or through private breeders.

Each month the calendar features a new hunk, his furry companion and their rescue tale. The people at RescueMen say the men featured in the calendar are “superheroes” — we’re sure the pets definitely think so, and we certainly wouldn’t mind having a puppy play date with some of the guys either. RAWR!

Jen Halpern, one of the project organizers, told the Huffington Post: “It’s a blast. Not only do we get to look for handsome men, but we get to hear amazing stories of compassion and love these men have for animals in need.”

Get a load of the cuteness:


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