Falcon Studios’ Hot Marines Dance the Day Away to Promote their New Gay Porn

Falcon Studios’ Hot Marines Dance the Day Away to Promote their New Gay Porn

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Falcon Studios, one of the largest producers of gay porn, just released a fun dance video with the stars of their newest film, Code of Silence.

The action takes place in an “undisclosed location deep in the Iraqi desert” (though, if we had to guess, it’s really somewhere in California). Some sexy, shirtless marines break out lipsynching to Chi Chi LaRue’s “Sowahahaponwuz.”

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The blurb for the video reads “Deep in the desolate desert, hunky Marine’s find other ways to entertain themselves while on post. Watch as these buddies transform their camp into a dance floor full of abs and expert dance moves!” And, well, that’s pretty much exactly what happens. Talk about truth in advertising!

It’s not surprising they used a Chi Chi LaRue track; when she’s out of drag, she’s award-winning gay pornographer Larry David Paciotti (a/k/a Lawrence David, Taylor Hudson and Big Boy). Paciotti has made hundreds of films for Falcon.

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The film the music video is promoting, Code of Silence, was not directed by Chi Chi LaRue, however. Instead, it’s by Tony DiMarco, director of La Dolce Vita (but not that one). We included that title as a joke, but fairness compels us to add that DiMarco’s La Dolce Vita won 14 GayVN Awards including best director, videography and screenplay, all DiMarco’s. Not going to lie, that’s really impressive. Good going, DiMarco!

Code of Silence (link NSFW) stars Sean Zevran, Fane Roberts, Brandon Evans, Ryan Rose, Pierce Paris, Kyle McMillan and Tommy Regan as Marines in the Iraqi Desert who blow off steam by blowing each other. (And other sexual acts too, of course. The pun was just too good to pass up.)

Falcon Entertainment was founded in 1971 by producer and philanthropist Chuck Holmes.

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