Drool Over Our New Trans Man-Crush, Jaimie Wilson

Drool Over Our New Trans Man-Crush, Jaimie Wilson

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The picture above of Jaimie Wilson has been making the rounds on the queer blogosphere this week, and it’s easy to see why. Wilson shared the now-viral pic of himself before and after his transition, and he’s pretty damned sexy as both genders. In fact, we haven’t been this turned on since we saw trans man Aydian Dowling vying for the cover of Men’s Health.

Wilson is an aspiring musician and DJ who recently released a country-style love song on YouTube, but he’s also got a slam-poetic streak too. Even more interestingly, he’s a cam model who shares some details about his personal life, work and activism on Instagram.

He started his Instagram account on June 12, 2015 as a way to document his transition and life progress. He has since shared some personal details, like the fact that his family disowned him after he came out as trans and that he also works as a DJ and a cam-model.

On one of his pics, he wrote:

“At first I was scared to come out as transgender because I didn’t give any ‘signs’ as people say. I looked and presented very feminine…not because I wanted to but because I felt pressured to make the people around me happy. When I first came out people tried telling me ‘this is not who you are’ that’s when I realized you are NOT who people think you are…you are who you know you are.

He adds, “It doesn’t matter what some looks like… if someone has the guts to tell you ‘I’m transgender,’ ‘I’m gay,’ ‘I’m bisexual,’ anything like that, please believe them and be there for them because stereotypes need to be broken.”

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