hottest game of thrones
hottest game of thrones

The 25 Sexiest Men of HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones,’ Ranked

Our decision to spend hours crafting — and then taking the time to rank — a list of the sexiest men on our favorite cable series, HBO's Game of Thrones, is two-fold: First, it's our own little way of coping with the fact that the final episode of Season 7, which aired Aug. 27, means our Sunday nights are devoid of new Thrones action until early 2019. (And writing up this lengthy feature is cheaper than therapy.)

The second reason is that we're horny buggers. Being an HBO series, it offers up a plethora of sexy man meat to viewers (maybe not as much as Insecure, but a close second). Now if only we could get the show to offer a spotlight to more men of color ....

Editor's note: The below list does contain a few Game of Thrones spoilers for those not fully caught up!

Without further ado, here are the 25 sexiest men of Game of Thrones, ranked:

2. Kit Harington (Jon Snow)

hottest game of thrones men jon snow

HBO knew what it was doing when it cast Harington on Game of Thrones. He might not have been the show’s focus at the onset, but by Season 8 he’s basically become the sole hope of Westeros in defeating the White Walkers. The fact that Harington portrays the “purest” character on the series — seriously, who isn’t rooting for Jon Snow? — only makes us crush on Harington more. And did you see those #snowglobes in the Season 7 finale? Swoon. Is it gross we don’t even care that he’s now boning his aunt, Daenerys? It is? OK, nevermind.

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