#HornetGuys in America: Meet 6 Sexy, Passionate, Friendly Men

#HornetGuys in America: Meet 6 Sexy, Passionate, Friendly Men

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The hottest guys get social on Hornet, and if you don’t believe us, just take a look at this week’s #HornetGuys! This time, they’re all from the good ol’ United States of America. You’ll definitely want to meet every single one of them, and remember, if you want to be our #HornetGuy, just fill out this form!

Angel: bs48z

Meet our sweet, sexy Angel. This sexy piece of heaven is a 36-year-old from Chicago, and his biggest passions are advertising and video games, As you noticed, he’s a very athletic guy with an amazing physique.

His ideal weekend includes video games and hanging out with friends. His favorite date is to go for a delicious dinner and going out for wine! He’s a lovely man, and you can get in touch by clicking here: hrnt.me/bs48z.

Rene: y0oq

Rene recently moved to Los Angeles, but he’s lived all over the world. He works in finance, but he’s also a sports photographer.

He likes a few basic things: tolerance, sports, spontaneity, language … and French pastries! Rene is an easygoing guy; on a date, he prefers going with the flow. As long as there’s good conversation, a few laughs and cuddling, the rest is up to you! Get to know more about Rene here: hrnt.me/y0oq

Frank: m7np

Meet Franklin, a very attractive Brazilian man currently living in Chicago! Frank won our coveted #HornetGuy title with those big arms, that flat chest and those beautiful dark eyes! This 26-year-old hunk can be picky, but don’t let that keep you away.

He’s a photographer who loves to travel around the world, learning exciting things about different cultures. While he doesn’t like spicy food, he definitely loves a good meal, and he’s mostly looking for some fun and new friends. You can find him on snapchat: franklin.mendes and on Hornet: hrnt.me/m7np

Joseph: bhgsa

Joseph is from Los Angeles, and he says he’s one of a kind. This 36-year-old gets turned on real quick by manly, hairy guys with big … hands.

This #HornetGuy is a model, actor, artist and writer. He cares about health—he loves being active, eating healthy and he also knows how to give a good massage. He enjoys good books, good music, being at the beach and traveling. He’s always up for a new adventure, so go ahead and hit him up: hrnt.me/bhgsa.

Anthony: antho.nyc

We gladly introduce you to Anthony from New York City—the sexy, mature man who is everything you ever wanted … and more! Just look at those arms, that slightly hairy chest. What a dream!

Anthony is a very creative person, working as an art director at an advertising agency. His favorite date includes dinner and a movie, though, since he loves trying things, hopefully the dinner will be at a new restaurant! Get in touch with #HornetGuy Anthony at hrnt.me/antho.nyc

Leonard: leonard

Meet Leonard from Brooklyn, NY. This 25-year-old man is a sexy, hairy dream, and he is versatile!

Nothing turns Leo on more than a good conversation. Leo is a sound designer, and he loves good music, sick beats and he has a weakness for redheads! Go ahead and start the conversation: hrnt.me/leonard.


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