GOAL! Check Out Mexico’s 6 Hottest Soccer Players (Photos)

GOAL! Check Out Mexico’s 6 Hottest Soccer Players (Photos)

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For some, soccer is 90 tedious minutes of 22 guys passing a ball around. But for those who are more sports-minded, or in a country where soccer fever is unavoidable — or just thirsty — it’s 90 minutes of lean, sweaty men showing off their sexy bodies. And if you make it through the whole match, your reward is watching those players take off their jerseys.

Other countries have stars like David Beckham, but Mexico has its own talented guys. Here are Mexico’s six hottest soccer players with links to their sexy Instagram accounts — you know, in case your family or straight friends force you to watch a semi-final. Now you won’t be too bored.

1. Hiram Mier

This sexy, freckled guy from Monterrey has played for Monterrey and Querétaro, but his biggest achievement is winning the Gold at the 2012 London Olympics.

2. Antono Briseño

Briseño is an adorable player from Guadalajara who has played for the Mexican national team. But the main reasons we like him are those toned arms and that naughty boy look.

3. Rafael Márquez

Obviously Márquez had to be on our list. He’s a true star who’s not just played for the Mexican national team but has also been on global teams. Even though he’s married two beautiful women and has two children already, we think we could convert him.

4. Carlos Vela

Vela was born in Cancún, and we love his olive skin and brilliant smile. The Bombardero, or “bomber” as he’s known, has been part of various teams, including Arsenal and the Mexican national team.

5. Javier “Chicharito” Hernández

Chicharito is a national hero from Guadalajara. He’s played in and out of Mexico, though he might be best known for playing for Manchester United.

6. Miguel Layún

Layún hails from Córdoba, and while we know he has excellent moves on the field, we’re dying to find out if he also has special moves for the bedroom … or the shower … or the kitchen. His beard, tattoos and six-pack definitely have him scoring high.


(Featured image via Miguel Layún/Instagram)

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