Drew the hottie promoting peace in Boston
Drew the hottie promoting peace in Boston

Meet the Hottie Promoting Peace in Boston That Gay Twitter Is Currently Fawning Over

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It all started with one simple tweet.

And gay Twitter was hooked.

Some were intrigued by Drew’s patriotism.

Some just admired his looks.

People wanted more Drew.

Then we were blessed with another picture proving that Drew looks great from a side angle too.

Until our world was shaken by some startling news.

And so it was Stew, not Drew, who stole our hearts. But without a Twitter account, we all felt a bit lost.

Until he appeased the masses and created one like the ethereal presence he is.

And so Stew Driflot, the hottie promoting peace, came to be.

And with some intense Facebook stalking investigative journalism, we also found out Drew is an avid Quidditch player, which makes him even more swoon-worthy.

Hottie Promoting Peace Stew Driflot

In conclusion.


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