YouTube Pulled a Controversial ‘Graphic Gay Sex’ Music Video After It Racked Up 700,000 Views

YouTube Pulled a Controversial ‘Graphic Gay Sex’ Music Video After It Racked Up 700,000 Views

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After more than 700,000 views, YouTube has taken down Brendan Maclean’s NSFW music video for “House of Air.”

As we already observed, the short film does not hold back. It explores hanky codes, earrings, fisting, urination, scat and more.

It was on YouTube for 10 days until they finally yanked it. Their explanation: “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s policy on nudity or sexual content.” Obviously!

Maclean didn’t actually think it would be on YouTube for that long himself.

He told The Hollywood Reporter:

We put it on YouTube as a joke. We had bets on when it would be pulled down — nobody won. This was never a ‘marketable’ idea, but it was an original one that I cared about. Was it for everyone? Absolutely not. Has it been the most success I’ve had with anything ever? Absolutely. You spend a lot of time as an independent musician worrying about how to appease the vanilla masses; it’s why I called my record with House of Air: funbang1. This whole project has been about looking at topics, sounds and visuals that kind of just entertained me. What a surprise that the advice about not trying to please everybody has been true this entire time, I just had to believe it.

It’s no longer on YouTube but don’t worry; you can still find the short film here. Just make sure you’re not watching it at work or near babies or in public or with your Mom. Unless she is into that kind of shit. Literally.

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