Hilarious New Michael Henry Video Asks, ‘How Many Sexual Partners Have You Had?’

Hilarious New Michael Henry Video Asks, ‘How Many Sexual Partners Have You Had?’

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“How many sexual partners have you had?” asks the hilarious new Michael Henry video that’s making the rounds on the internet.

In the short clip, actor Max Emerson plays a version of himself, an Instagram hunk who poses the question to his friends before saying he has only ever slept with seven men.

Henry and his friend, played by Brandon Rogers, have much higher numbers, especially after one spent a summer in prison. One responds, “I’ve sort of lost track,” and the other says, “It depends on what even constitutes having gay sex,” and the other responds, “Yeah, like my number is somewhere between, I don’t know, 20 and 400.”

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Henry pushes back on Emerson, telling him that his chasteness is surely a lie because of how hot he is. “You’re a slut,” Henry suggests. “I’ve seen you in Palm Springs.”

But the conversation brings up an interesting topic about sex and slut-shaming.

Henry states, “I hate it when gay men act like prudes and lie about their sex life because they’re embarrassed about having gay sex or something. Next, you can’t tell me you don’t have any [dating apps].”

Emerson responds, “I don’t and I never have. Look, my body is a temple. I’m not going to let just anybody enter it.”

But Henry says there’s nothing wrong with sleeping around, and as gay men we shouldn’t judge each other if our number of sexual partners is high or low.

“Asking us what our number is is saying that there’s something wrong with having a high number, which there isn’t,” Henry says. “It’s some cockamamie nonsense that they made up to shame straight women. But we aren’t straight, so we don’t have to shame each other or judge each other about having a healthy gay adult sex life.”

“I proudly let men enter my temple time and time again,” the other friend adds. “Sometimes two at a time why because it feels good and temple entering is amazing!”

“My temple is stretched as fuck!”

But of course there’s a twist….

Watch the video that asks, “How many sexual partners have you had?”

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