How To Plan The Perfect Eurovision Party

How To Plan The Perfect Eurovision Party

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This year’s Eurovision theme is “Come Together” — so in the spirit of taking things super-literally, let’s come together for the BEST EUROVISION PARTY EVER! But Eurovision’s this Saturday — that’s hardly enough time to put together the party Eurovision deserves, right?


We got your back on this one — just follow our guide, and your friends will say you’re the hero! (You know, like Måns Zemerlöw’s winning song from last year, “Heroes”. Get it?)

Eat Your Way Through Europe

Europe is known for many things — but one of the top is amazing food. Since you’re already watching Eurovision, why not complete the feel by taking your guests on a culinary trip through Europe? To celebrate Italy, try Tourte Milanese, a delicious puff-pastry pie loaded with savory treats!


But if that looks a bit complicated — no worries. You could make your own pretzel sticks — and that recipe only calls for things you’ve probably already got around the house — flour, sugar, yeast, oil, eggs and salt. On the other hand, if you’re already doing a grocery run, you could go for these French Gargantuan Gougères, a delicious fancy cheese puffs made from Gruyere… and if there’s any left over (there won’t be, but…), gougères freeze for up to a month!

For more ideas, Irish broadcaster RTÉ put together a country-by-country guide to ideas (but we might pass on the raw herring from the Netherlands).  Likewise, here are a few other easy-to-make suggestions — it’s hard to go wrong with Bruschetta sandwiches, which are delicious, require no cooking, and can be made in fifteen minutes.

Booze, Glorious Booze

Any good party has to have a theme — and Eurovision was so kind to provide a good one in “Come Together”. Serve layered drinks, either with a European theme (like a Black Velvet — white wine and Guinness) or a pop theme (like a B-52: Coffee Liqueur, Bailey’s and Orange Liqueur). Remember to pour the layers over the back of a spoon so you don’t get a big ol’ mess. Or, if you actually want to spend time watching the show, mixed drinks are fun too — either shaken (for during the songs that are neither good nor sucky enough to be funny) or stirred.

Some of our favorites include the classic Bellini — all you need is prosecco, peaches and a blender. If you’ve bought a bunch of fruit for light snacking, you could always make the quintessential English cocktail, the Pimm’s Cup — just pour Pimm’s and 7-Up over oranges, cucumbers, strawberries, lemons and mint leaves. Likewise, you could also go with the classic sidecar, created in London and popularized in France: Cognac, cointreau, sugar and lemon.

Be creative! And you can also use the songs for inspiration — can’t wait for Croatia? Why not serve Lighthouses? Gaga for Germany? Go with the Liquefied Ghost!

Wear Outrageous Costumes

Want to make it a fancy dress party? Why not look to Eurovision past for inspiration? You could go for the flowing cape and giant collar look of Cezar from 2013:

Or you could try to replicate Eldrine’s gorgeous dress from the 2011 finals:

There’s always the hipster-douche rat pack style of Basim from 2014:

If you’ve got three other housemates, maybe go for the clearance-rack normcore look of Bucks Fizz from 1981:

You could borrow Pollapönk’s track suits:

Or, if worse comes to worse, just find a bunch of Halloween costumes and go as previous Eurovision winners, Lordi:

Improvised Lipsync Deathmatch

There’s always a bit of downtime in Eurovision — sometimes it’s the boring biographical packages, sometimes it’s the occasional lame act, and, hey, who really wants to watch commercials? So to keep things moving, you should have a few party games in mind.

For example: Commercial breaks are usually about the length of a pop song — why not play Eurovision Lipsync Deathmatch! Just go to the Eurovision channel on Youtube, bring up random videos of years past, and try your best to perform along to the track! Ever gone to a karaoke bar and punched in a random number and tried to sing along with whatever weird thing you get? Same thing, just more Eurovisiony! And, you know, if you want to mess with your guests, you might make sure this one comes up “randomly”:

Eurovision Drinking Games

Of course, there’s always Eurovision drinking games. There are a number available online that you can mix-and-match rules from, or you can use our suggestions.

Take a drink for any weird novelty acts that make it:

Take a sip whenever you hear any particularly tortured English:

Take a drink whenever a non-pop band takes the stage:

And, of course, chug if a non-pop band WINS:

(Yeah, we already used that video, but seriously, it’s amazing. Lordi were RIGHT to win Eurovision.)


Don’t do this with money — that’s probably illegal. BUT you can do all sorts of fun truth-or-dare style bets. Before Eurovision starts, everyone picks their favorite country to win. You can either place your bets, or if you’d prefer, offer a prize to whoever chooses the winning country. You can decide whether or not you want to share the odds of each country winning beforehand.

Come Together — Online!

The great thing about the internet is that we’re all connected — and since Eurovision is being broadcast live, call up your European friends on Skype and watch with them! If you have a bunch of friends in different countries, conference them all in, and listen to any arguments that come up over whose country is the best at Eurovision!

What To Do When Eurovision’s Over

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and Eurovision starts at 3PM Eastern/Noon Pacific in the States — so a three-hour party seems kinda short… and who wants to call off a party at six in the evening at the latest? Even if you account for an hour of arguing about the outcome and who should have won, that’s still an early night.

Why not make your own best of Eurovision? There’s LOADS of Eurovision videos from years past on YouTube. You could choose from favorites like ABBA:

Russian faux-lesbian teens t.A.T.u.:

The very first Eurovision winner, Lys Assia:

Or the amazing performance by Marija Šerifović:

Or, you could put on your own Eurovision afterwards, where you and your friends sing pop songs and then vote on them. (If you want to be particularly true to Eurovision, you could even rope in a panel of professionals to vote as well, to mirror this year’s change in voting procedure!)

And of course, depending on how well you know your friends, you could always… come together.

Happy Eurovision!

(Featured image via Vugarİbadov/Wikimedia Commons)

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