The Trailer for John Cameron Mitchell’s Latest Film Is Out, and It’s Punk Rock Alien Bliss

The Trailer for John Cameron Mitchell’s Latest Film Is Out, and It’s Punk Rock Alien Bliss

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Earlier this year, we got our very first teaser images of How to Talk to Girls, the newest film directed by Hedwig and the Angry Inch creator John Cameron Mitchell and based on a short story by Neil Gaiman. Mitchell and Philippa Goslett wrote on the script. Last Thursday, the How to Talk to Girls at Parties trailer came out, and it looks great.

The film is about aliens coming to London circa 1977 at the height of the punk scene. Enn (played by Alex Sharp) is a teenage punk who meets a cult-like group of beautiful young women at a party. He falls for Zan (Elle Fanning) and later discovers that the girls are actually aliens led by Queen Boadicea (Kidman).

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Mitchell revealed the advice Neil Gaiman gave him for directing his tale:

The directive he gave was: Let’s keep it earthbound, let’s not make it a sci-fi in the modern sense where it’s a space opera. Let’s keep it a day in the life of [London borough] Croydon, but an alien experiencing it as something rather exotic.

The film also stars Little Britain and Doctor Who star Matt Lucas, though we don’t know much about his role yet. However, from his brief clip in the trailer, it looks like he might play one of the aliens.

How to Talk to Girls at Parties is only Mitchell’s fourth feature film. His last was the criminally underseen Rabbit Hole from 2010. Rabbit Hole starred Nicole Kidman as the mother in a straight couple who’s just lost their young son.

Thankfully, Mitchell has stayed busy in the meantime. He made a few short films and had recurring roles in GirlsVinyl and The Good Fight. (Mitchell was also the model for Viktor in the anime hit Yuri!!! on ICE, but we’re pretty sure he didn’t have to do anything for that.)

Likewise, Neil Gaiman’s also been busy lately. The hit TV show American Gods is based on his 2001 novel of the same name. Last year he had a miniseries based on his stories, Neil Gaiman’s LIkely Stories, and an adaptation of his comic novel Good Omens (written with Terry Pratchett) is coming next year.

Watch the How to Talk to Girls at Parties trailer:

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