Hugh Jackman Nearly Castrated Himself with His Wolverine Claws

Hugh Jackman Nearly Castrated Himself with His Wolverine Claws

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In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, actor Hugh Jackman revealed he had trouble wielding his Wolverine claws. He almost nicked his own testicles.

“They were killing machines,” Jackman said of the claws. “I stabbed the [stunt] double for Mystique.”

That stunt double reportedly responded with pride — evidently she was a big X-Men fan.

Jackman had a lot of problem controlling the claws. He injured himself repeatedly. “I’ve got a number of scars on my thighs, and it’s really not cool,” he says, adding, “Got pretty close to some sensitive areas.” We’re guessing he’s talking about his genitalia.

But don’t worry! “Everything’s fine,” he says. Whew!

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