Hundreds of Albino Africans Raped, Murdered As ‘Cure’ For AIDS

Hundreds of Albino Africans Raped, Murdered As ‘Cure’ For AIDS

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Black magic rituals involving the rape and murder of albino men and women in the African nation of Tanzania are being blamed for the deaths of hundreds. Just reading our own headline sends shivers down our spine.

Over one million of Tanzania’s 40 million people are infected with HIV or the AIDS virus.

This story is clearly not simply a gay blog story, but rather one deserving national attention. AIDS and HIV education and prevention are clearly lackluster in many parts of the world. Likewise, an implicit morality is obviously broken in a world where raping and murdering someone else to save your own life is acceptable.

It should go without saying, but rape and murder are not a cure for anything that ails you, let alone AIDS.

Huffpo & Reuters report:

DAR ES SALAAM (Reuters) – Hundreds of albinos are thought to have been killed for black magic purposes in Tanzania and albino girls are being raped because of a belief they offer a cure for AIDS, a Canadian rights group said on Thursday.

At least 63 albinos, including children, are known to have been killed, mostly in the remote northwest of the country.

“We believe there are hundreds and hundreds of killings in Tanzania, but only a small number are being reported to the police,” Peter Ash, founder and director of Under The Same Sun (UTSS), told Reuters.

“There is belief that if you have relations with a girl with albinism, you will cure AIDS. So there are many girls with albinism who are being raped in this country because of this belief, which is a false belief.”

Around 1.4 million Tanzanians among a population of 40.7 million have the HIV virus that leads to AIDS.

Absolutely horrific. We’ve honestly never heard anything like this before. Ladies and gentlemen, we cannot stress this enough: Quit raping and murdering each other.

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