The Mayor of a Hungarian Village Wants to Ban Gays and Muslims

The Mayor of a Hungarian Village Wants to Ban Gays and Muslims

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Despite being member of the European Union, Hungary is sinking more and more into a nationalist, xenophobic and homophobic regime. The initiative of the Hungarian mayor of a small village, Asotthalom, two hours from Budapest, is another chilling example: he wants to prohibit gays and Muslims. A report from a British television is called “White Utopia.”

“Europe is small; it can not integrate everyone,” the mayor explains to the British journalist.

His goal? To see white Hungarian and western European families settling in his village. He does not admit a multicultural society and claims the Christian roots of his country.

The mayor has also decided to set up a by-law to ban homosexual propaganda. He’s so serious that he has made signposts banning marks of affection between people of the same sex, the wearing Islamic clothing and has banned the construction of mosques.

Last summer, this same ultranationalist mayor welcomed the hunt for migrants led by private militias.

Is this action just a new attention to draw publicity? It may be more important than that. The action of bringing white and Christian European citizens to the commune is supported by a British organization that has offices in Budapest: Knights Templar International. It is not affiliated with the Catholic Church, but its members call themselves Christians.

On its website, the messages are clearly anti-gay and anti-Muslim.


This organization advertises the village and, among its members, the former head of the British Nationalist Party (BNP), Nick Griffith, explains: “Hungry is seen as a place of refuge, a place to get away from hell. […] People who agree with the fence, nationalists, patriots, those people say: thank god for Hungary.”

In the village, some approve the action of the mayor, others do not necessarily share his ideas. One of the inhabitants explains, “There are gays who live in the village, I do not care what they do at home, but between us it goes well.”

When asked if he wanted to make Asotthalom a white supremacist village, the mayor replied no, but immediately adds, “We are a white, European and Christian population, and we want to stay like this.”

You likely already know where you’ll spend your vacation this year. Thanks to Google Earth, check out one of the main streets of Asotthalom, Hungary. No comment.

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