Ultimate Hunk Idris Elba Proudly Reveals His Foot Fetish to Kate Winslet During a Sex Scene

Ultimate Hunk Idris Elba Proudly Reveals His Foot Fetish to Kate Winslet During a Sex Scene

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We can always count on The Graham Norton Show to be a bit more provocative than it’s American talk show counterparts. Whether it’s Lady Gaga talking about dating and ripped crotches or Sir Patrick Stewart letting the world know his uncertainty regarding his circumcision status, there’s always fun to be had. (The U.K.’s lax censorship laws also help with that).

Which is why we were all super excited to hear that Luther star and total babe Idris Elba was set to appear on the show to promote his upcoming film Mountain Between Us. Elba was joined by his fellow co-star from the film, Kate Winslet, as well as Chris Rock.

Graham Norton brought up the film by asking Winslet and Elba about the intricate sex scenes in the film. Winslet then tells Norton how the director of Mountain Between Us, Hany Abu-Assad, had never filmed such an elaborate sex scene, and that he was a bit nervous. As it turns out, Winslet, who is a pro when it comes to onscreen lovin’, stepped up to the plate and began spitting out directions to get the scene moving along.

Winslet then reveals that Elba had one request. He told her to keep her socks on. Winslet thought Elba was grossed out by her feet, which she says, are rather large. The camera then pans to Elba who, cool and confidently states, “I’ve got a thing for feet.” He goes on to compliment Winslet’s feet calling them “alright.”

While a foot fetish is pretty vanilla compared to the many other unique fetishes in the wild world of ‘kinkdom,’ it’s still pretty cool to see Elba discuss his kinks so suavely.

Watch the entire clip of Kate Winslet discussing Idris Elba’s foot fetish on The Graham Norton Show below.

Feature image via Youtube, The Graham Norton Show

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