Wanda Sykes Has Joined the Drag-Filled Cast of Bianca Del Rio’s ‘Hurricane Bianca 2’

Wanda Sykes Has Joined the Drag-Filled Cast of Bianca Del Rio’s ‘Hurricane Bianca 2’

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Over the last few weeks, Bianca Del Rio has busy been filming the sequel to her Netflix film Hurricane Bianca in New York City. Hurricane Bianca 2: From Russia with Hate is set to come out sometime in 2018.

The RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 winner has been joined by some other stars for the sequel’s filming, including Katya, Shangela and Rachel Dratch. But the newest name set for the sequel’s marquee was just announced today on social media.

The film’s director and co-writer Matt Kugelman shared a snap of the hilarious Wanda Sykes on set for the film, and we’re super excited to see her as part of this project. Del Rio also shared a super cute pic on her Instagram as well.

In the first film, teacher Richard Martinez moves from New York City to a small town in Texas and begins work at a new school. Shortly after, Richard gets outed by the community in the town and is consequently fired, which is legal under state law there.

Richard wants revenge on the people who were hateful to him, so he returns as Bianca Del Rio, Richard’s drag persona. Del Rio causes mayhem, everyone oblivious to the fact that Del Rio is actually the previously fired Richard.

With the sequel’s title, Hurricane Bianca 2: From Russia with Hate, referencing our Cold War nemesis, of course Del Rio called on our favorite Russian prostitute, Katya Zamolodchikova, to be a big part of the sequel.

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Rachel Dratch will return to her role in the sequel as Deborah Ward, vice principal at Milford High School.

There’s no word yet on who Sykes is playing. We do know the cast and crew have been filming quite a lot in a prison, so maybe Sykes plays the prison warden who presides over Del Rio’s cell block.

But with all this star power set for Hurricane Bianca 2, we’re sure the final product is going to be something truly gag-worthy.