Kesha’s Powerful New Track ‘Hymn’ Takes a Stand Against Bigotry and Hate

Kesha’s Powerful New Track ‘Hymn’ Takes a Stand Against Bigotry and Hate

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Kesha is back, and the songstress seems to be bigger and more bad ass than ever. Her new song “Hymn” was released today. In tandem, she penned a powerful essay for about the song’s origins and who the song is meant for: outcasts.

In the essay explaining her inspiration for “Hymn,” Kesha explains that “one of the reasons why my music connects with people who feel like they don’t fit in is because I have never fit in either.”

Kesha continues:

I think there has never been a more important time for dreamers to be outspoken about their beliefs. I was recalling times I’ve gone out into the streets over the last year to make known how I feel about certain issues when writing lines like, “Go on, read about us in the news … After all we’ve been through/ No, we won’t stand and salute … If we die before we wake/ Who we are is no mistake/ This is just the way we’re made.” I personally will never stop fighting for equality for all humans. That is the passion behind this song. This song is dedicated to all the idealistic people around the world who refuse to turn their backs on progress, love and equality whenever they are challenged. It’s dedicated to the people who went out into the streets all over the world to protest against racism, hate and division of any kind. It’s also dedicated to anyone who feels like they are not understood by the world or respected for exactly who they are. It’s a hopeful song about all of these people — which I consider myself one of — and the power that we all have when we all come together.

She concludes:

I hope this is one of those songs that will find and connect with people who feel like outcasts, especially young people today growing up with the omnipresent internet. I really feel for them, because bullying today is so scary due to all of the technology. It breaks my heart to hear about kids being bullied online at such a young and sensitive age. I believe no one should be subjected to harassment and hate, and that includes online. I know from personal experience those kinds of comments can be much more than hurtful. They can really mess up one’s self-confidence and self-worth. So when I sing the words to this song, I do so as a reminder to myself as much as anyone that we can’t let the haters and the negativity win. We know “that we’re perfect, even if we’re fucked up.” We are all “dreamers searching for the truth,” and we know the unexplainable universal goodness in people — their innate love and light and compassion for one another — will bring us together to do great things.

After an ongoing legal battle with Dr. Luke, (one that is actually not over and involving other notable musicians like Lady Gaga) Kesha is preparing to release the album Rainbow on August 11. Earlier this week, she announced the six-week North American “Rainbow Tour,” her first solo tour since 2013’s “Warrior Tour.”

Listen to Kesha’s new track “Hymn” here:

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