This New Smart Condom Collects Data and Measures Guys’ Bedroom Performance

This New Smart Condom Collects Data and Measures Guys’ Bedroom Performance

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For $80.99 you can buy i.Con, a cock ring you wear during sex that purports to track your penis girth, number and speed of thrusts during sex, the duration and frequency of your sex sessions, calories burned and penis temperature. The Bluetooth “smart condom” (that isn’t really a condom) is the latest in a string of “hi-tech” sex devices meant to bring intercourse into the digital age but raises concerns about hacking and ethical concerns about whether such data “gamifies” sex.

To be clear, even though it’s billed as “the world’s first smart condom,” i.Con is not an actual condom, it’s just a “smart” device, kind of like a FitBit for your penis (not to be confused with the FitBit for your vagina).

The adjustable device stretches to fit guys of every girth and reportedly downloads the sexual data onto your computer and then deletes it off of the device.

While this sounds simple enough, with wireless data devices, there’s always the risk that hackers could break into your device and then hack into your other devices to steal your passwords and identity.

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As far as i.Con “gamifying” sex, many people already treat sex like a game, both literally and figuratively.

For one, sex has been turned into card games and video games, and for years people have talked about sex using baseball metaphors — “Did you score?” “No, I only got to third base.” Hook-up apps have made sex more like a smartphone sports game than ever, complete with teams, positions, and personal stats.

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Rather, the data that i.Con collects could help us learn more about male sexuality and sexual health, or at least the sexual health of men willing to shell out $81 for a hi-tech cock ring.



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