Cheers! Mid-Age Boozing Raises Your Chances Of A Stroke

Cheers! Mid-Age Boozing Raises Your Chances Of A Stroke

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If you’re around age 45 to 60 and enjoying your fifth drink while you read this, you might wanna put down the Johnny Walker, because scientists say boozing it up at your age is basically like begging God for a stroke. And that’s just one of a few delightful news bits we dug up today:

1) Disney finally presents a Latina princess The House of Mouse’s multicultural array of female heroines — Mulan, Lilo, Tiana, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Esmeralda, Kida — has never included a Latina. Now they’re throwing Hispanics a bone with Princess Elena, a 16-year-old in the Kingdom of Avalor who lives inside of a locket because of some evil sorceress. Elena won’t appear on the big screen though, only on the Disney Junior TV network, and even then not until 2016, all of which strikes us as patatas pequeñas.

2) Jay-Z to buy music streaming Aspiro for $56 million – Hip-hop artist and producer Jay-Z seems poised to buy Aspiro, the Swedish company behind the U.S. music app Tidal. If you’ve never heard of Tidal, that’s about to change. It differs from the more popular Pandora and Spotify services by “offering high fidelity sound quality,” hi-def music videos and curated editorial by “experienced music journalists.” Seeing as Dr. Dre and Neil Young have also invested into music tech, perhaps such investments are the new haven for aging music legends.

3) Boozin’ it up in middle-age could stroke you out – This’ll turn your happy hour into an unhappy hour: “Drinking more than two alcoholic beverages a day in middle-age raised stroke risks more than traditional factors such as high blood pressure and diabetes.” Almost makes you wanna drop the Boozy Boozerton act and go eat some broccoli… almost. Cheers!

That’s NOT my first name! (via Tambako The Jaguar)

4) Comcast thinks my husband is an a**hole –  Comcast just used to treat their customers like assholes; now they literally put it in writing. One plucky service representative changed a customer’s name on their account from Ricardo Brown to Asshole Brown — very helpful. Brown’s wife says they were never rude to Comcast employees. In response, the company has refunded two years worth of service to the Browns and promised to fire the prankster.

5) Science deflates the Patriots cheating accusations – Some MIT physics professor used his fancy science-learnin’ to figure out that the New England Patriots may not have deflated the footballs used in their pre-Super Bowl victory against the Indianapolis Colts. Basically, he blames the weather. It’s not as fun to think about as a vast franchise conspiracy, but there ya go.

Aaaaaaannnnnd here’s some sprinkles…

Newsweek has an awesome long-read on “What Silicon Valley Thinks of Women” — shatter that glass ceiling, ladies.

– Destroy ignorance and amaze you family with these 10 Facts That Will Blow Right-Wingers’ Minds. For example, the Environmental Protection Agency was created by Richard Nixon — what?!? Elephant skull bits everywhere.

– And below is a video demonstration of Project Tango, a still-in-development Google product that basically uses a camera to help create augmented reality and immersive gaming environments for smartphones and tablets — combine this with an Oculus Rift and let the 21st century of virtual reality gaming begin!

(feature image via Anne Worner)

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