Here’s Why Iceman, the Openly Gay X-Man, Is Having His Comic Cancelled After Just 11 Issues

Here’s Why Iceman, the Openly Gay X-Man, Is Having His Comic Cancelled After Just 11 Issues

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Back in April 2015, we learned that Iceman, Marvel’s frosty X-Man, was coming out as gay and we rejoiced. (We even published a guide on how handle irate fanboys irritated by his newfound gayness.) And then we pored over the first issue of his new solo comic, and delighted over him beating some bigot-butt. But now we’ve just learned that issue #11 of Iceman will be the final installment of his standalone adventures. The Iceman comic cancelled?!?? Noooooooo!


Why was the Iceman comic cancelled?

Iceman writer Sina Grace explained why the comic was cancelled in a handwritten letter posted on Twitter. In it, he wrote:

Dear everyone,

Yup. Iceman is coming to a close. I am supremely bummed out, but was given plenty of notice (and even a Hail Mary or two). Everyone at Marvel has been super supportive, but at the end of the day, solo X-titles are a hard sell for retailers…

There’s a part of me that wants to suggest fans do a campaign, or rally by hella ordering the 1st collected edition, but I’ve had the ride of my life, and the ending planned feels so good (I’ve known it since issue one). This isn’t my end at Marvel, so maybe we accept, and learn to fight passionately about the things we love? I just don’t want you to feel cynical — apathy will ruin everything.

All my love to folks who read the book. You dudes, dudettes and all in between are so so so so rad. I gave the book everything and don’t regret anything.

♥, Sina

Can we just say that we love that he acknowledged non-binary and genderqueer fans in his letter?

Anyone quick to cry “homophobia” over Iceman’s cancellation should know that Marvel recently scrapped a bunch of other standalone comic titles as well, including Generation X, Gwenpool and Hawkeye, with more cancellations possibly expected.

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