The Internet’s Reactions to the Dua Lipa Self-Love Video Are Hilarious

The Internet’s Reactions to the Dua Lipa Self-Love Video Are Hilarious

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America is sleeping on Dua Lipa, but the rest of the world has fallen in love with the pop princess. Nowhere is that love more evident than in her five recent Brit Awards nominations. She walked away with nods for Best Album, British female, Best Video, Best Single and British Breakthrough. Her newest video for her track “IDGAF” (below) was just released last week, and it reminds us why we love the 22-year-old pop diva so much.

Dua Lipa says of the “IDGAF” clip:

It took us 22 hours to shoot… and with the best people and team, magic happens. This video is about your stronger and weaker side fighting with each other only to realize that self-love is what will help you overcome any negativity that comes your way. I hope you like it as much as we have loved making it.

Director Henry Scholfield adds:

We wanted to embody the sense of empowerment in the track, whilst going beyond the literal breakup context. We had in mind a visual of the internal struggle, showing the two sides of Dua’s emotive state, like an argument with someone you love. The strong Dua at first berating then eventually persuading her weaker alter ego that they both don’t give a fuck.

The internet reacted hilariously to the video. Dua Lipa compiled some of the best reactions from the internet in an official video that she shared on both Twitter and YouTube. In the one-minute clip, you see many of her fans freak out when they realize she is fighting (and loving) herself in the video.

Dua Lipa has been sharing reaction video compilations for all of her tracks. One fan wrote:

This is cool! You just posted a reaction video on your channel! I never saw any artists do this thing except you..I think others will follow suit after this. You’ve just proven your awesomeness Dua Lipa once again!!

All bow down to Queen Lipa.

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