If Donald Trump Is Elected, Cher Is Moving To Jupiter

If Donald Trump Is Elected, Cher Is Moving To Jupiter

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Donald Trump is the noisiest of the sixteen – whoops, make that fifteen – Democratic and Republican presidential candidates and, terrifyingly, he’s still one of the frontrunners. If Americans make the terrible, tragic mistake of electing evil clown Trump, there’s still a silver lining: four more years of Cher’s empassioned, emoji-filled political rants on Twitter. For instance:

Cher does NOT like Donald Trump one bit, as opposed to the crying emoji, which she loves and uses with gleeful abandon. For several years now the 69-year old singer has taken to her Twitter account to explain her reasoning, in the vaguely surreal tone of your drunk aunt squinting at her phone after one too many White Zinfandels. Here are nearly five years worth of highlights from the Academy Award-winning actress and singer:

Then there’s her biggest Twitter hit, with nearly 17,000 retweets:

Unfortunately, if Donald does become president, Cher might not stick around to editorialize:

Oh well. At least we’ll always have the memories. And “Wagon Wheel Watusi.”

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