‘Ignite’ Campaign Threatens to Derail Gay Rights Nationwide

‘Ignite’ Campaign Threatens to Derail Gay Rights Nationwide

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This is some scary sh*t. Anti-gay rights organizations are mobilizing to take advantage of a mass cash infusion from unknown sources, and ensure that they continue their pro-life, pro-discrimination agendas nationwide.

The campaign, officially titled “Ignite An Enduring Cultural Transformation,” seeks to build off of the perceived momentum from the contentious November 2010 Elections, and “turn a moment into a movement.”

Each individual state organization has their own state plan, which allows them to work steadily on their agenda on a state-by-state basis.  They can work swiftly and with less heat from nationwide media.

Under the radar, they intend to use a faith-based strategy of Education, Legislation, and Providing Accountability to fulfill their agenda. Each plan will be customized to the state:

Attacks from those who work to undermine Life, Liberty, Marriage, and the Family are more sophisticated, more aggressive, and more frequent than ever.

“We the people” spoke loud and clear in November 2010, but that one moment, by itself, will not achieve the cultural transformation we seek. Achieving transformation requires a lasting movement working strategically in key culture-defining areas.

“Ignite” is a two-year plan designed to fan the embers of November 2010 into a lasting movement built to achieve enduring cultural transformation.

This is serious, people. This is a nationwide movement, funded in 15 states by unknown sources and mobilizing on the local level to ensure that gay rights see no progress – and are set back by decades. Federal rights become less powerful since many states will have already been corrupted and infiltrated by bigots using their faith as a poker to ignite the rights of a persecuted minority in the United States.

While these are predominantly Republican states, we must realize that no matter how far we have come, there are many people still out to get us. It amazes me how much time these people are taking to strip us of our rights, but here’s what they’re up to:

Sigh. This was the most depressing thing I’ve ever researched, but it has left me fired up and angry that such a movement is afoot in the United States. Let’s be sure to be vigilant, and supportive of those people and organizations that are pro-equality and pro-democracy.

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