I’m Just Sayin’: Defending Tracy Morgan Is Ridiculous

I’m Just Sayin’: Defending Tracy Morgan Is Ridiculous

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UB reader Thomas sent us this viewer commentary on the Tracy Morgan, ahem, incident that apparently aired on St. Louis’ NBC affiliate channel, KSDK.

We were blown away.

First of all, no. Second, who is this dude and again, NO. Third, you’re defending a guy who threatened to kill his own child if he were to learn that his son was gay.

And fourth, it wasn’t the gay community that held Morgan accountable for his violent remarks, it was the people of Earth. Huge swaths of people outside of the LGBT community were shocked by Morgan’s tirade. Because again, he threatened to kill his own child.

Maybe Joe Hipperson is indifferent to the difference between comedy and blatant homophobia. He’s clearly familiar with the general abolishing of all good judgement, and I’m able to see how Morgan and Hipperson share at least that in common. But I’m becoming violently allergic to those willing to write off Morgan’s remarks as comedy.

The subtleties of Morgan’s meltdown occurring onstage in a city that was just stripped of the LGBT non-discrimination laws it had enacted, in a state that has been making international news for attempting to ban all mention that homosexuals even exist – these things are clearly lost on Hipperson.

But they certainly shouldn’t be lost on an NBC news affiliate. And by allowing the airing of, or even asking this moron for his opinion on the subject in the first place, KSDK, and NBC by extension are effectively cosigning it, regardless of the disclaimer airing at the end of the piece.


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