The Hilarious (and NSFW) ‘In Front of My Salad’ Meme Has Its Origins in a Gay Porn Scene

The Hilarious (and NSFW) ‘In Front of My Salad’ Meme Has Its Origins in a Gay Porn Scene

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The internet is going crazy over the “In Front of My Salad” meme. But many of the people who are sharing it aren’t aware of its roots: gay porn.

The clip comes from a film called Private Lesson Part 3 out of porn studio and features adult performers Jake Porter and Jaxton Wheeler. Sadly, the actress in the viral meme has yet to be identified.

It looks like the scene revolves around a married man (Jaxton Wheeler) hiring a chef (Jake Porter) to cook his wife a surprise dinner. When the chef arrives he drops trou, revealing he is a naked chef. Flustered, the married man asks him to put his clothes back on. Regardless, they end up making love right in front of the married man’s wife and she eats her salad.

Jaxton Wheeler

The moment was quickly picked up by people all over the internet and converted into a meme. At first, people loved how her reaction to gay sex involved her salad. But then, as the meme went more viral, people started using it for other reasons.  This includes using the woman’s flustered reaction as a way to respond to various topics in a half serious, half joking “seriously?” kind of way.


“I think she’s definitely become the breakout and largely unexpected star of the scene,” Porter told Buzzfeed. “Unfortunately, I don’t remember her name. She was an extra, local to the West Hollywood area where we filmed the scene.”

And it turns out, the magical moment was improvised by the actress.

Jake Porter

“I wouldn’t call [the scene] scripted,” said Porter, “we had bullet points set up for how we kind of wanted her to react. We kind of gave her the bones of what we were looking for, but she definitely built the structure of the scene.”

Is it bad that we giggled when we read bones?

Head here to watch the (NSFW) “In Front of My Salad” scene. 

Or head here to watch the film’s very NSFW trailer.

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