The 15 Best Songs for Your Independence Day Party Playlist

The 15 Best Songs for Your Independence Day Party Playlist

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What’s a holiday weekend (or any weekend for that matter) without a perfect playlist? Celebrate your patriotism for the United-States-of-Toe-Tapping-and-Finger-Snapping. To get you in the mood for festivities, I’ve gathered up videos that will get your asses moving with nary an American flag or pyrotechnic breast (sorry, Katy fans). Not all the videos are queer or queer adjacent, but every one of them is appropriate for your Independence Day extravaganza.

1. Alaska Thunderfuck – Hieeee

This is how all of your nights out should begin. Period. For the rest of your life.

2. Elle King – Ex’s & Oh’s

Rob Schneider’s daughter has a great voice, and even better taste in eye candy go-go boys. A rockabilly anthem for your next breakup.

3. Sweet Spirit – Baby Doll

One part Silence of the Lambs, one part Rocky Horror Picture Show, one part Drag Race. Start practicing your lipsync now.

4. Mates of State – Staring Contest

Me, whenever I had show and tell as a kid.

5. Boxed In – False Alarm

Seriously dig this beat. I’m so into this song, and you ought to be too.

6. Son Lux – You Don’t Know Me

Who’s that? Oh just Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany playing a secret cult priestess in a strange relationship. Being amazingly awesome as always.

7. ALPINE – Damn Baby

This video feels like a cold glass of lemonade on a hot day to me. The song is fresh and pleasant, and I love the way these cute moments loop around a few times for us to catch them again.

8. Foxes – Body Talk

Me, every time I’m at a gas station-slash-car-wash.

9. The Wombats – Be Your Shadow

Me, in high school.

10. Parade of Lights – Feeling Electric

This video is awesome. Well shot, well edited, and so very well lit. And can we talk about this beardy hunk singing lead? This song is great to dance around naked to in your bedroom, too. Don’t ask me how I know.

11. Trails and Ways – Skeletons


12. The Griswolds – If You Wanna Stay

I mean, c’mon. Surfing on a car hood on a country road. What’s more summer than that? ‘Merika. …wait, was that a butt?

13. Strange Names – I Can’t Control Myself

Me, in a Dollar General, a Record Store, and apparently on the set of REM’s “It’s The End Of The World.”

14. Shamir – Call It Off

If you’re not totally into Shamir right now, I can’t even talk to you anymore. Shamir is the greatest, queerest thing to happen to indie pop in a long time. Shamir just is fucking fantastic.

15. Tooji – The Father Project

This one is so terribly overwrought, but we still like it, because we want to have babies with the priest. And, you know, gay stuffs.

Happy Independence Day!

Did we miss any of your favorite Independence Day jams?

Previously Published July 3, 2015.

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