India Opens School for Trans Students

India Opens School for Trans Students

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Transgender rights activists in Kochi, India have opened a school for trans students. The school, Sahaj International, is geared toward adult students who wish to finish their education after dropping out of school.

“Transgenders drop out of mainstream schools at a very early age because of the prejudice they face from the people around them. While the intention of opening this school is noble, the ultimate aim should be to be integrate transgenders into society. That won’t be easy,” Anjali Gopalan, an LGBT activist, told Deutsche Welle.

The BBC writes:

Transgender people can face judgement and hostility in India, and around half of them fail to complete their schooling as a result.

Transgender activist Vijayraja Mallika, who heads the school, told the BBC: “The school aims at making transgenders eligible for taking decent jobs and living a dignified life.”

“We have admitted six candidates so far, all male-to-female persons, from 14 applicants. Of the 10 seats, we have reserved one for female-to-male and one for the disabled.”

The teachers are trans as well.

India has about two million trans people. In 2014, India’s Supreme Court recognized them as a third gender and granted them equal rights and protections under the law.

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