Indianapolis Man Arrested for Threatening Orlando-Style Shooting at Gay Bar

Indianapolis Man Arrested for Threatening Orlando-Style Shooting at Gay Bar

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Indianapolis man Brandon Savage was arrested for entering a local gay bar and attempting to rob the place while threatening an Orlando-style shooting.

The Indy Channel reports that Savage called the police before he headed to Downtown Olly’s bar on Sunday. He said he was “getting ready to go into a gay bar and shoot everyone. It’s going to be like Orlando,” referring to the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub.

Savage told the police he was armed with a Glock, a Derringer and a machete, but the weapons were not found on him.

Once he entered Olly’s, witnesses say, Savage threatened to take hostages, patted his hip as if to suggest he was packing heat, and told the employees to give him all the money in the cash registers. He also said, “You know what happened in Orlando? It’s happening right now.”

Savage’s weird Facebook profile says he’s an army veteran currently working as a corrections officer, but RTV6’s reporters cast doubt on the claims. Savage’s Facebook profile also describes him as “mom little boy” and includes an old image calling him a gay rights activist, so make of that what you will.

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