India’s First Married Lesbians Need 24/7 Protection From Honor Killers

India’s First Married Lesbians Need 24/7 Protection From Honor Killers

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Savita and Veena (25, 20) were granted the official honor of becoming India’s first married lesbian couple on July 22 after Savita’s divorce from her husband was finalized. Savita, fully aware that she was a lesbian, had been forced to marry a man against her will.

It didn’t work out for some reason.

Shortly after their wedding, the newlyweds began receiving death threats from neighbors and relatives who threatened the couple. Savita and Veena have been made to live in fear of an “honor killing,” as they live on the planet earth and for some insane reason lesbianism, but not murder, is considered to be disgraceful to a family’s reputation. Ugh.

Their lawyer said the court had served notice on 14 of Veena’s relatives and villagers who had threatened them with “dire consequences”.

Haryana has been the centre of widespread protests by villagers who believe their village councils, or khaps should be allowed to impose their own punishments on those who disobey their rulings or break local traditions – mainly honour killings of those who marry within their own gotra or sub-caste, regarded in the state as akin to incest.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Dr. Abhe Singh told The Daily Telegraph: “The couple has been shifted to a safe house and we have provided adequate security to them on the court orders. The security is provided on the basis of threat perception and in this case the couple feared that their families might be against the relationship.”

Congratulations to the happy newlyweds. Condolences to the fearful newlyweds.


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