Watch Info Wars’ Alex Jones Have a Violent Breakdown Over Drag Queens Reading to Children

Watch Info Wars’ Alex Jones Have a Violent Breakdown Over Drag Queens Reading to Children

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Yesterday, during the second half of his show, Info Wars’ Alex Jones threw a hissy fit because, he says, drag queens reading books to children at public libraries is the devil’s work!

By the end of his unhinged rant, Jones claimed that drag queens “have their way with children” in “space alien” and “demon goblin” outfits.

Jones began, “So this is a societal wrecking ball to destroy any semblance of normality, any semblance of basic human biology that you see in the bees and you see in the birds and you see in the pinnipeds and you see in all the other major species of otters and of mice and of cows and of horses and of everything else.”

“Imagine if someone in a demon outfit” — referring to drag queen looks — “showed up next to a baby giraffe and said, ‘Hi, I’m a demon. Be inclusive. Don’t be mean to me. Let me wear demon horns and come up and look like a complete alien from another planet.’”

Jones cited a photo of queen Xochi Mochi (a contest on the first season of the Boulet Brothers’ Dragula) wearing a dress, cape and a five-horn headdress while reading to a group of children at the Michelle Obama Library in Long Beach, California. The photo caused controversy when the right took the opportunity to bash the idea of drag queens reading to kids because Xochi Mochi dressed up as the devil.

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