INFOGRAPHIC: Cut It Out With The Catcalling, Y’all

INFOGRAPHIC: Cut It Out With The Catcalling, Y’all

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Has catcalling ever really worked out? Has anyone actually gotten infinite sex from yelling sexual things at people on the street? An even better question, has any woman ever expressed to you how much she throughly enjoys being catcalled? The answer is no. No no no no. The world-famous Playboy magazine has created a handy dandy chart on whether or not it’s ever okay to catcall (answer: unless you’re literally calling a cat, shut yer yap).

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While catcallers may intend on being complimentary, yelling things at people is rude (god, were you raised by goblins?). Also, unsolicited sexual comments are pretty much degrading, offensive, and threatening (considering that one in six US women has experienced a rape attempt). Also, catcalling leaves catcallers looking like fools, so there’s also that.

Also, consider where this catcalling infographic is coming from. Playboy. The company that has built an empire on photographing nude women, painting them to act as decorations for parties and has been sued numerous times for various degrading actions. When this company tells you catcalling women is wrong, catcalling is just wrong.


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