INFOGRAPHIC: This Orange Is The New Black Rap Sheet Keeps Tabs On Who Did What

INFOGRAPHIC: This Orange Is The New Black Rap Sheet Keeps Tabs On Who Did What

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Why We’re Covering This: Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black is one of our all-time favorite shows, especially when it comes to representation — but also because it’s just really well made. It’s a perfect example of how diversity can help make a show successful.

The Orange Is The New Black season four trailer just came out today!

The new season is coming June 17, and in preparation, you’ve probably watched the trailer over and over after binge-watching the previous three seasons… multiple times. We know you’re waiting with bated breath for season four to drop. While you’re waiting, what better time to take a look at the wrap sheets of Litchfield Penitentiary’s inmates and guards?

Heidi Redlitz of TruthFinder’s Infomania has made this super cool infographic showing all the crimes of the residents and employees of Litchfield. You can even see the fall of Piper across the seasons.

Of course, SPOILERS ABOUND, so if you’re not caught up yet, bookmark this, go watch the rest of the episodes (not like you were doing anything anyway, right?) and come back. If you’re having trouble reading, just click for a larger version!

Crimes Of Orange Is The New Black Characters


Previously published in different form on September 4, 2015.

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