These Comics Perfectly Capture the Everyday Life of a Geeky Gay Guy and His Boyfriend

These Comics Perfectly Capture the Everyday Life of a Geeky Gay Guy and His Boyfriend

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Most comics are full of depictions of heteronormative life. More and more, however, we are seeing queer narratives on the pages of comic books and on the screens of our computers. One of the artists leading this charge is Song Inkollo, who documents his own day-to-day existence through his clever and heartwarming gay comic strips.

Based in Nantes, France, the artist has also made a name for himself creating gay erotic comics as well, following the imaginary lives on gay muscle bears and the sexy pursuits they pursue under the covers. These images are dangerous as they are dark, and immediately give the reader a reason to bring one of his comics into a bathroom stall nearby.

But what we’re especially drawn to is Inkollo’s ability to shine a light on the everyday existence and realities of gay men like him. Centering around himself and his boyfriend Joe, Inkollo’s series “Daily Life of a Gay Couple” touches upon the simple but no less troublesome issues a gay couple faces in the modern world.

A self-identified nerd, Inkollo interjects his comic strips with references to sci-fi films, video games and quite a lot of Sailor Moon. By creating queer-centered comics and artwork, Inkollo helps to make these important narratives more visible. He does this all on Instagram to his approximately 140,000 followers, and he even has a Patreon account set up so fans of his work can support him with some moolah.

There he writes: “I’m a comic book artist. I love telling stories, and as a proud gay man, I can only tell you my story: laughter and tears, my daily struggles, my inner demons, my friends and more. I want to make you laugh.”

“Your support will help me to tell my story and share my art. For that, I thank you sincerely.”

One of the things we love about the Inkollo comic strips is that they include some of his and Joe’s funniest and cheesiest moments as a pair. Through his introspective and cheeky lens, we’re able to see the challenges and the wins that accompany life when you’re one half of a gay couple.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite Song Inkollo comics:

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