13 Images of the World’s Sexiest Gay Denim

13 Images of the World’s Sexiest Gay Denim

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Did you know that jeans were invented in the 1800s and are named for a town in Italy? Did you also know that nobody cares about the history of jeans and we would all just prefer to look at sexy bodies poured into bulging denim? Well, you’re in luck: We’ve scoured the thighs of Instagram for the sexiest gay jeans on Earth, and now we present them here for your edification. You’re welcome.


Ah yes, let’s start with a basic headless torso. The real star, here, is of course the tension and mystery of that unbuttoned waistband, pregnant with potential. Just give it a little pull.

Patrick was busy fencing #BarbedWireTroubles #GayJeans #WhatAHomo

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What is it about denim that rips so perfectly? Those white stands dangling from each tear like the remnants of a ticker-tape parade on your legs — ahh, what a work of art.


They’re grrrrreat.


Just a hint of lighter denim here, and again a tease of an unbuttoned waist. The design of a good pair of jeans is utilitarian but also perfectly designed for a tease: First you flip open the button, tantalizing your audience; is the fly going to follow next, with a sexy unzipping? How long will you make us wait?


Who doesn’t love triplets? A nice cut on this outfit means a form-fitting treat times three.


Is anyone using this lap? No? Mind if we settle in?



Okay this is maybe not the most contemporary use of denim but it’s still a lot of fun. Look at that innocent farmer boy! What adventures he must get into…



This shot might not be sexy, but it is absolutely delightful. Why doesn’t every pair of jeans have a rainbow on the butt? Thanks, Obama.


Naturally, the sexiest pair of jeans is the one that a pretty person is slipping out of. We love this reveal, from the rumple of the denim around the meaty legs living inside.