14 Images of Sexy Gay Tattoo Art on Instagram

14 Images of Sexy Gay Tattoo Art on Instagram

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Skin! You’re born with it, you die with it, and in between it’s up to you to decorate and show it off. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite instagay tattoos, with sexy bodies baring intriguing ink.

Check ’em out, starting with this gruff, rough-looking bear and his delicate dainty herbs:

For when you just can’t get enough ink, here’s a tattoo that just keeps on going. This one’s worthy of some closer inspection.

Werid angles and good work outs. #gayink #gaytattoo #gayfit #masc4mass #gaygymrat #gayfitness #gaygym

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What could be better than a beautiful tattoo? A beautiful tattoo on two cozy cuddling boys. Cozy cuddling is better than everything.


Some beautiful natural forms here—that shell is a lovely centerpiece.


Well, that’s commitment to a drag race star! Nothing like wearing your fandom on your sleeve.


This one vanishes when the bangs get too long, but a simple sweep of the hair to the side reveals the pattern like a mysterious underwater grotto that re-emerges at low tide.


Some mystical iconography draws us in.


Aww, a sexy sailor pin-up! It’s perfect.


Spooky! The pattern is haunting, but the most haunting part is trying to figure out what body part this is on. Ankle maybe?

This one is brilliant, and a wonderful tribute to Keith Haring. In case you’re out of the loop, Haring was a masterful artist whose life was cut short too soon by the Republican-exacerbated HIV epidemic. Wearing his art on one’s chest is a bold, beautiful political act.


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