International Women's Strike
International Women's Strike

Women Are Poised to Celebrate International Women’s Day Tomorrow by Going on Strike

Tomorrow, thousands of women across the world plan to celebrate International Women’s Day with an International Women’s Strike.

The International Women’s Strike was put together by feminist, grassroots, socialist and labor organizations. Its purpose is to demonstrate against the violence, economic exploitation and reproductive coercion that women face all over the world.

The strike will take place in 40 countries. The event’s Facebook page lists 6,300 participants. Two public schools in the United States plan to cancel classes to prepare for the strike, as their workers are largely female.

This isn’t the first women’s strike. In 1975, 90% of Iceland’s women went on strike, bringing the country to its knees. Last October, Argentinian women went on strike to protest misogynistic violence.

Some pundits have sneered that the strikers are “privileged.” But if women don’t use their power to help each other, then what good is it?


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