The Internet Raised $27K for Trans Lifeline to Spite Mike Huckabee

The Internet Raised $27K for Trans Lifeline to Spite Mike Huckabee

Written by R. S. Benedict on March 02, 2018
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Netizens raised over $27,000 for Trans Lifeline in response to an insensitive, transphobic joke made by Republican Mike Huckabee.

On Saturday, Huckabee made a rude comment on Twitter referencing Boys Don’t Cry, a 1999 film about a young man murdered for being trans:

The internet was displeased with the joke, firstly because it uses a murdered trans man as a punchline, and second because it’s a really ugly drag on victims of the Holocaust as well.

See, Huckabee was poking fun at Schumer for getting emotional while discussing Trump’s ban on Muslim refugees. The issue of refugees is very personal to Schumer, because his great-grandmother died in the Holocaust.

Mike Huckabee, you dick.

The internet was disgusted, naturally, but fortunately they turned this turd of a joke into turdinade.

Lesbian comedian Cameron Esposito launched a fundraiser for Trans Lifeline. They’ve raised over $27,000 so far in just three days.


(Header image via Gage Skidmore)

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