Instagram Sensation Alejandro Torres Says ‘Blue Ribbon Boys’ Creates Happy, Healthy Men

Instagram Sensation Alejandro Torres Says ‘Blue Ribbon Boys’ Creates Happy, Healthy Men

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Alejandro Torres, also known as @Psicoloco, is a psychologist and activist—and one of our hottest gay Mexican Instagrammers! He also cares about gay men’s health, and that’s one of the reasons he’s part of the Blue Ribbon Boys Campaign. Make sure you follow him on Tumblr.

How would you describe yourself?

I consider myself an honest, authentic and proactive man. I’ve committed myself to enjoying the best life has to offer. I don’t define my entire humanity by my homosexuality — even though being gay is definitely a phenomenal experience. It’s a privilege to be gay: It gives me the chance to reject the social mores that define and imprison a man; to invent myself from my own me and be authentically happy. I am a psychotherapist, teacher, photographer and student.

What led you to be the person you are now?

Some people say psychologists study psychology because we are a bit crazy and we want to fix ourselves. I don’t know if there’s any truth to this, but if there is, that’s OK. After all, who isn’t a bit crazy and who doesn’t want to fix their own personal issues?

Why is it important for you to be part of #BlueRibbonBoys?

It’s very important! I believe campaigns like Hornet’s Blue Ribbon Boys are socially responsible initiatives giving men the ability to assume freedom in our lives — and that freedom brings with it responsibility. I believe the Blue Ribbon Boys program is a great opportunity to show ourselves who we are and who can we be: Mature, happy, healthy men.

How do you stay up-to-date on HIV news?

I constantly read scientific articles and news about HIV/AIDS. I then relay what I learn to activists and students and we collaborate on what needs to be done.

How do you promote HIV awareness and educate your followers?

First and foremost, I get tested. I’m constantly sharing important, fact-checked information and news on HIV campaigns. We are a high-risk population, but we deserve to live the full potential of our lives. That’s why I’ve made a commitment to take care of not just myself, but our whole community. It’s also important to fight HIV stigma and include poz people in “normal life”; I have friends who are HIV positive and it breaks my heart seeing them struggle with discrimination and ignorance.

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