INTERVIEW: Here’s Comics For Asexual, Trans, Bi, And Poly Queers

INTERVIEW: Here’s Comics For Asexual, Trans, Bi, And Poly Queers

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Comics have always been the cutting edge of representation. Long before we saw queer characters on the TV or movie screen, they strutted, fucked and fought in underground comics. Now PRISM Comics — America’s leading non-profit dedicated to LGBTQIA comics — is raising money for Alphabet, a queer comics anthology of over 30 diverse queer artists (racially, sexually, gender-wise, and ability-wise) with stories and characters entirely absent from popular media, including asexual Asians, disabled demisexuals, a trans-bi-poly rom-com and oh so much more.

We spoke with Tara Avery of PRISM Comics at the GX3 queer gaming convention. During our interview (below) she explained why queer comics still matter in our post-marriage age, and some of the sweet Kickstarter rewards for backing the project, including a digital copy of Alphabet, a signed hard copy with your name in the book’s acknowledgements, a sweet QUILTBAG totebag and an adult comic book with each artist’s drawing of their personal queer hero (such as Divine, Frida Kahlo, Edward Gorey, Iris Murdoch, Malcolm X and others.

The anthology also contains the work of David Quantic, whose work we’ve shared here before. Please take a listen to our interview and considering supporting their fundraiser — it ends December 24!

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