INTERVIEW: Hornet’s Secret Desire For Gaymers At GX3

INTERVIEW: Hornet’s Secret Desire For Gaymers At GX3

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In addition to its Blue Ribbon Boys campaign promoting HIV-prevention worldwide, the gay/bi men’s social app Hornet also wants to make the online world safer by connecting gaymers at GX3 and abroad.

“Many gay and bi people first meet others like them online,” says Hornet CEO, Sean Howell. “It doesn’t matter if it happened in 1999 or 2015, for young adults, finding someone like you is a truly empowering thing.”

He continues, “Gaymers are helping pave the way for the next generation, but for many people in the U.S. and internationally, the online world is still their safe place that lets them expand reality.”

In addition to helping GX3 bolster its attendance by promoting the conference on their app pro-bono, Hornet wants to help gaymers connect by offering free premium accounts to GX3 attendees who use this link to install their app. Attendees who add #gaymerx in their profile name, search for #gaymerx in the app’s search bar or click on #gaymerx in someone else’s profile can instantly find other users who are also interested in gayming, GX3 and other progressive gaming issues.

Howell stresses that even though Hornet is an app for gay/bi men, he has also invited Robyn Exton, the founder of the bi/lesbian app Her (and a personal friend of his), to speak at the Friday 6 pm panel entitled “Building Inclusive Gaming Communities On & Offline.” Along with other panelists, they will discuss the best ways to make online places as inclusive and welcoming as possible.

“Online spaces are important for all us,” Howell said, “no matter your gender or sexual orientation.”

(featured image via Houston Gaymers)

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