INTERVIEW: The Man Who Is Photoshopping Vibrators Into Famous Works Of Art

INTERVIEW: The Man Who Is Photoshopping Vibrators Into Famous Works Of Art

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One artist has discovered the secret behind Mona Lisa’s smile.

The Hitachi Magic Wand Throughout Art History pays homage to the great works of Western art and the great sex toy by inserting the latter into the former, with hilarious results.

We managed to get in touch with Middle, the man behind the Tumblr, who was kind enough to answer our questions.

Unicorn Booty: Do you have a background in art history?

MiddleI am an artist and make watercolor and oil paintings. Regrettably I do have a degree in Fine Arts. I always had terrible professors for art history, and preferred to make things instead of learn about them. I do enjoy the history part of art history, but I don’t like interpreting it to death — I don’t like to think about it too much. For me it’s, “Oh, I like this painting!” or “Nope. Don’t like that one.” If more people took this simple attitude to art, they’d find it more approachable!

What inspired you to start The Hitachi Magic Wand Throughout Art History?

Art has always been a part of my life. The Magic Wand has always been a part of my wife’s life. So, you see, this combines all my favorite things.

Unicorn Booty: What is the intent behind this project? Is it a political statement?

The intent is to make people smile, have fun with bad Photoshop, showcase some amazing artwork, and extol the virtues of the Magic Wand. It’s not a political statement. There’s no underlying message besides, “Art is great. The Magic Wand is great. Let’s put those two things together.”

How do you choose the art you’re going to modify?

I’ve tried to choose pieces that everyone immediately recognizes — top 50 classic Western paintings, art that even people who aren’t into art already know. Viewers are starting to suggest art they’d like to see which is nice. I’ve got a pretty good list now and there will be more classic art in the future with a few more obscure ones thrown in eventually.

What kind of reception have you gotten for this Tumblr?

Positive.  If it follows the usual arc of internet things I’m sure someone will find something wrong with it very soon.

Which image are you proudest of?

I think Madonna Adoring the Hitachi is my favorite.  It’s funny on a lot of levels, and really captures how women feel about their Magic Wands.  The first one I did was Oath of the Hitachi and I think that one is very good too, with the male figure wielding this object of unspeakable power while the ladies swoon!

(featured image via Magic Wand Art History) 

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