The World Took to Social Media to Comment on the New iPhone X

The World Took to Social Media to Comment on the New iPhone X

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Today, at Apple’s fall event, the computer company unveiled the long-awaited iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X, a high-end phone with an edge-to-edge screen, facial identification features and no home button. The prices run from $999 to $1,149.

Of course, Twitter users around the world eagerly watching live-tweeted the event, bringing us a bevy of hilarious tweets.

Most commented on the iPhone X’s price, the weirdness of Apple simultaneously announcing an iPhone 8 and a superior iPhone X with no iPhone 9 in between, the new feature of unlocking the phone with your face and the phones’ new glass back for easier wireless charging.

The iPhone X will also feature a new “animoji” (animated emoji) feature. It uses the front-facing camera to track a person’s facial expressions, allowing people to create recorded messages as their favorite emojis — like the panda, the smiley or even the poo.


Actor Darren Criss was especially interested in the animoji feature.

Others were less excited about the new iPhones’ glass front and back.

Though one user came up with an innovative way to avoid breaking all that glass.

Some people wondered how face-unlock will work for cosmetics users …

… or how face-unlock will work in an emergency.

One Game of Thrones fan wondered about Apple’s face-unlocking technology.

Yet another wondered just how far unlocking technology will go.

One person got downright shady about the new face-unlock feature

And the iPhone X’s new price tag left others sticker-shocked:

Some folks will have to make hard choices about whether to buy the new iPhones

Some people think the new iPhones will come at a very high personal cost.

Others felt the iPhone 8 was upstaged by the iPhone X.

And some left the entire event feeling completely unimpressed.

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus preorders begin on Friday, Sept. 15 with the new devices set to ship Sept. 22. iPhone X preorders will start on Oct. 27 with shipping set to start on Nov. 3

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