Is 360 Degree Banging Worth Your Buck?

Is 360 Degree Banging Worth Your Buck?

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In a world of double headed hands-free dildos and dildos in the shape of an octopus tentacle, it’s only appropriate that there is 360 degree pornography. A company called VirtualPorn360 is looking to put people right in the action of the porn they watch, allowing them to reach a hand out and touch things that aren’t really there.

VirtualPorn360 is getting a jump start on this inevitable craze,since 2016 will be a big year for virtual reality with new releases from Oculus Rift, Vive and Project Morpheus. Be ready to shell out some dollars for the experience, though. The devices range in price between $200 dollars and $500 dollars, and the porn companies will have to make up the increased cost incurred from using 360 degree lenses.

A different company called VirtualRealPorn launched in January 2014. It has nearly the same product as VirtualPorn360, except that VirtualPorn360 provides a 360 degree view of the porn as opposed to VirtualRealPorn’s 180 degree view.

With a 360 degree view, you can look away from the performers and admire the decor. But what’s the point in that? Right now all of the scenes feature tattooed straight Spanish performers in one Madrid apartment. And the point of viewing porn is to view porn. Having the ability to look around the room is a seemingly useless feature. While porn sets can be interesting, it’s unlikely that many people care about otherwise empty apartments. They might be on to something if they start filming group scenes where different people are doin’ it in different parts of the room, but for now… We’re not sold.

The added benefit of 360 degree porn could be that it heightens the experience and makes it seem more realistic. It’s innovative, but ultimately this bang may not be worth the buck.

(featured image via VirtualPorn360)

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