Is Kink Against The Law? Police Shake Down UK Sex Parlor

Is Kink Against The Law? Police Shake Down UK Sex Parlor

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Mistress Evilyne was having a normal day at work whipping middle-aged men until someone had to call the cops and ruin the fun. Mistress Evilyne runs the UKs most popular sex parlor from her home. After receiving complaints of hearing whipping, spanking and screaming from neighbors, the local police investigated the complaints. They found nothing was wrong but her neighbors are still complaining.

Surrounding Mistress Evilyne’s home, located on Millionaires’ Row, are residential homes and a local Tennis Club. The club’s staff has complained about the activities in the sex parlor and the neighbors have complained about an array of things including the people around their neighborhood at all hours of the night, children becoming aware that a BDSM sex dungeon is nearby and the constant moving in and out of camera equipment.

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Mistress Evilyne claims that she is doing nothing wrong, “My business is legal, I’m registered with HMRC and no sexual services are offered,” she continues, “People come to us with their fantasies, and we make them come true – anything from being put in a bath of baked beans to being forced to act like a dog.”

She is correct, the sex parlor is legal and she’s doing nothing wrong because if she were, when the police arrived they would’ve put an end to it but instead they let her know of the complaints. The onslaught of complaints the police department has received seem to be more focused on what Mistress Evilyne is doing as opposed to it causing a real disturbance.

As Mistress Evilyne states in her interview with Telegraph, there is “a lack of understanding about fetishes” and she thinks that maybe the problem her neighbors are having stem from the fear that their husbands may be interested in trying out BDSM and pay her a visit.

The sex parlor isn’t all acting like a dog and taking a bath in baked beans, it can be rented out to so that couples can have their own fun: “A lot of couples in their 50s or so who are middle class want to have fun and try new things but can’t do it at home because they have kids.”

Ultimately, Mistress Evilyne is afraid that if the complaints continue, her business will be shut down although she is doing nothing wrong. It may be a good idea for Mistress Evilyne to invite her neighbors to tour and use the sex parlor; that may just stop the complaints.

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