Is Shock Jock Howard Stern Finally Gay For Us?

Is Shock Jock Howard Stern Finally Gay For Us?

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If there’s one thing you can expect from Howard Stern – beyond raunchy jokes, chicks in bikinis and random juvenile pranks – it’s that he will speak his mind.

Over the years, he has actually come out forcefully for gay marriage – wondering what the big deal is in the first place. In one show, which we have kindly clipped below, Stern talks about the word “fag” and what it all means.

He has “tremendous compassion for people who are homosexual,” and while homophobic slurs have been bandied about on his show often, he has “tried to change his thought about that word [‘fag’],” because “gay people are so downtrodden by being exposed to that kind of hatred.”

On a show earlier this week, Stern took on homophobe and SNL alum Victoria Jackson’s recent craziness where she calls Glee‘s gay kiss “sickening.” He has little compassion for her, saying,  “I think her point was she’s not a homophobe, God is! Why is it bothering her?  Does she think if her kid sees a gay kiss it will turn her kid gay?”

Howard’s evolving views on the acceptance of gays was certainly influenced by his hiring of openly gay extra-terrestrial George Takei. Takei’s newfound presence on the show acted as a bridge between straights and gays, allowing Stern to foster a dialogue and reach out to his primarily straight male audience. ”

At first, I didn’t know Howard from Adam,” Takei said.  “I remember waiting outside of the studio and hearing a gross conversation going on.  I remember thinking, why don’t they get some nice music?”

Clearly Takei had no idea what he was getting himself into! Thankfully his presence has made a change for the better. The fact that Stern is aware that his use of “fag” is detrimental to the gay community is huge: Straight males often let “fag” fly without ever thinking about the implications of homophobia that the word has.

If Howard Stern can come around, and go gay for the gay community, then we hope that other straight dudes can be secure enough in their own heterosexuality to stand up and commit to not using anti-gay language like “that’s so gay” and “fag.”

Standing up for gay rights as a straight male does nothing to challenge that heteronormativity – it actually makes you more of a man, secure in your own skin and willing to stand up for basic human rights for all!

(via Gay Socialites)

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